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Eddy Nugent & The Map Of Africa
– Eddy Nugent

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Published 24th September, 2009 – Paperback

ISBN: 978-1-906308-11-7

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Book Description
We last saw Eddy – star of Picking Up The Brass – as he boarded a train to the airport to catch his flight to Belize.

Eddy Nugent And The Map Of Africa catches up with him in 1990, and follows his adventures in the jungles and fleshpots of Central America – and then his posting to the slightly less glamorous Nuneaton, via the British Army of the Rhine and Catterick.

It’s the same cocktail of booze, soldierly high-jinks and scrapes which end with someone in pain, or in military prison, or sometimes in both… though there are worrying signs that Eddy may be starting to grow up.

Written by two former soldiers, Ian Deacon and Charlie Bell, Eddy’s career closely follows their own and Map Of Africa will be recognised instantly and fondly by all serving and former servicemen. Strong-stomached ‘civvies’, both male and female, will also enjoy its amusing and truthful insights into armed forces life.

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