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Anything Goes
The Death Of Honesty
– Theodore Dalrymple

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Published October 2011 – Hardback / 320pp

ISBN: 978-1-906308-09-4

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Book Description
No-one provokes – and provokes thought – like Theodore Dalrymple.
Do intellectuals love genocide?
Is assassination pleasurable?
What links Hugo Chávez, Vladimir Putin and Ken Saro-Wiwa?
Should 12-year-olds be allowed sex change operations?
Now that IVF makes it possible, might 70-year-old women make excellent mothers?

These are just a few of the social, political and philosophical questions addressed in
Anything Goes, the latest collection of his essays.
From political correctness among doctors to the ruinous failures of the World Health Organisation, from rioting youths in Paris to drug addiction in Georgia, and from the end of free speech to the strange fury of evangelical atheists, Dalrymple's beautiful writing is food for the mind.

Theodore Dalrymple is one of Britain’s most respected social and political commentators, writing regularly for a wide range of leading newspapers and magazines on both sides of the Atlantic.

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